PET-Xi have partnered with Psytech International who are one of the world's leading developers of Psychometric Questionnaires and software.  In partnership with Psytech PET-Xi provides cutting edge careers diagnostics and a  full personal report focusing on career development.

CAREER-FIT helps you  or your students assess their strengths, to support career progressions,  explore the right careers or make successful school-to-career transitions. Early career planning increases progressions within employment and can increase students’ motivation, persistence as well as improving schools’ and in employment retention rates.




  • PET-Xi Career-fit is a comprehensive career planning and guidance process that can be completed totally online and supported with interactive video classroom workshops or accessed at home or at work.
  • We use a combination of psychometric tools and coaching techniques.  This results in a step by step process that the student can complete either on their own, with a professional advisor, parent or tutor, or in virtual groups/classes.
  • The process then culminates with a virtual masterclass workshop with their tutor and classmates or work colleagues and is supported by our professional Career Coaches.


  1. Now Who am I
  2. Future Who can I become
  3. Goal What do I want
  4. How What do I need to do
  5. Next How am I doing and where am I going to


  • On-line, available anytime, anywhere without supervision.
  • Can be delivered stand-alone or integrated into each student’s overall lesson plan.
  • Ensures that all managers, staff or students continue to receive employability/career advisory services of a consistently high level even during these extraordinary circumstances.
  • Provides students with a higher level of self-understanding and confidence.
  • In the absence of examination results for employees or  student’s profiles can be used by Universities and Employers to evidence a student’s suitability for studies or roles.
  • Provides the foundation and structure for career-planning to become a positive habit and powerful well-being tool.