Courses Overview

Our customized courses are designed to fit the specific needs and goals of each student. No two courses are exactly the same. Each of our one-on-one courses is designed based on:

  • Your current language level
  • The way you plan to use the language
  • The special goals you may have
  • The amount of time you have available
  • Your specific learning style
  • Your budget

Course Descriptions

Business English

In our Business English course, professionals learn the language and culture they need to communicate in the workplace.

Standard English Language or Standard Foreign Language

Our custom-designed Standard Courses are perfect for busy students who need a flexible schedule.

Online Learning

Our online learning option offers the most flexibility and maintains the high standards of instruction as our other courses.

Ready to Get Started with your Online Learning Course?

If Online Learning works best for you, we will help you enrol and arrange a convenient schedule for your lessons.