All Courses include access to our:

Wellness Hub

A range of articles, guidelines and short courses in areas such as - Work/life Balance Mental Wellbeing Diet, health & fitness Mindfullness & Relaxation

Career Hub

Plan and develop your career options and improve your marketability with - Interview Skills CV writing skills Psychometric tests Job Board

Buddy Hub

Here you can connect, chat and befriend fellow students around the world Exchange ideas Share Resources Motivate & Inspire Explore a range of cultures and backgrounds

Resource Hub

This is the area where all ancillary learning and support resources can be found Historical webinars FAQ Library EBook supplements Resource postings

Study Hub

This is the main delivery hub for all learning materials and support Tutor & student support Live Webinars Modular materials Chat Room

Our programmes are not just about qualifications. We look to develop you as a person with personal skills and self belief to catapult you onto your chosen career path.

Take control of your career and stand out to employers

  •  CV builder: Create an impressive CV that’s tailored to employer and recruiter requirements
  •  Access to a vast library of eBooks covering topics such as Mental health, stress and Anxiety
  •  Access to Psychometric tests
  •  Interview Techniques and Job interview preparation videos
  •  Access Webinars, tutors and live weekly lectures via the Study Hub.
  •  Interact with 12,000 students, enjoy from our exclusive Student discount card.

Master the practical skills you won’t learn elsewhere

Take more than 1000 short interactive courses in critical skills including:

  • Negotiating your salary
  • Navigating promotions
  • Working with recruiters
  • Creating reports and presentations
  • Becoming a first-time manager
  • Evolving as a leader

Gain an edge on your competition with exclusive insights

Hone your competitive advantage with our employer resources:

  • 350+ employer films with practical advice from hiring managers
  • Career journey interviews with professionals in every industry
  • Company profiles and LinkedIn tools
  • Up-to-date industry reports and research

Dig deep into your talents and aspirations

Master your own career psychology with in-depth tests and detailed reports, including:

  • Your temperament, personality, and strengths
  • Your motivation and ideal workplace culture
  • Your resilience and emotional control
  • Your management and decision-making skills

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